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Vanessa Tan (She/Her)

Vanessa is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist with professional and lived experience of neurodivergence. Her special focus is supporting Autistic and ADHD people, particularly the high-masking presentations often seen in women. When conducting in-person sessions, she's accompanied by her two overly-loved therapy dogs.

Vanessa's passions include advocating for the neurodivergent community towards greater acceptance and equity, supporting other neurodivergent mental health professionals in Australia, promoting the welfare of dogs, and playing her favourite video games: Assassin's Creed and Skyrim. ​She also loves (some say "is obsessed with") dogs and dinosaurs. Her other interests include dog training, memorising dinosaur-related facts, and trying to keep house plants alive.

Vanessa Tan and therapy dogs

Qualifications and Memberships

   Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental), Monash University

   Member of the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPi)

   Full Member of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association (AADPA)

   Certified Advanced Multidog Handler (Lead the Way Institute)

The Therapy Dogs

Mikro is a Shih Tzu who loves cuddles, pats, and treats. He is affectionate, sensitive, and very gentle. He can also be sneaky with his affection so look out for that tongue! His attention can be scattered and he might be confused about what's expected of him, but he always tries his best and is eager to do right by others. When he's not working, he loves chasing ducks, going on walks, and sniffing every tree.



   Advanced Therapy Dog Certification (Lead the Way Institute)

   A very good boy

Megiddo (or Megi) is an Irish wolfhound with a heart as big as herself. She is a young-ish hound with an old soul, generally languorous, but can have a focus that's not easily broken. Megiddo experiences some social anxiety so she works best with children. When she's not working, she loves lounging on the couch, splashing in creeks, then going home just to lie down again. Standing up is hard work when you're a big dog!​



   Advanced Therapy Dog Certification (Lead the Way Institute)

   A generally good girl

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